Mikes Cave: A blog about uhh, stuff.

  • Setup my own git repository with docker and gitea

    I setup my own git repository with docker and gitea. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s going to be my new home for my projects. I’ll still put some projects on github but I believe the bulk will be right here on my personal site. https://git.mikescave.us/

  • URL Shortener

    I made a URL shortener using Python and Flask. It’s simple, basic, but does the job. I will improve upon it as time goes on. Click here to goto it.

  • Installed OSX Ventura on Proxmox

    Today I installed OSX Ventura on a local Proxmox server as a Virtual Machine. The guide I followed is here.

  • Welcome to the cave

    I set this up to just get something up quick. I Will be modifying and refining it over time. In other words it’ll always be under construction. Not particularly a fan of WordPress but it’ll do in the mean time.